It may be storming out here, but I'll be sure to protect my girlfriend from the rain!

On your walk home, there is only one goal: protect your girlfriend from getting rained on and catching a cold!

StatusIn development
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsJallexMonster, maixiem
Made withPhaser
TagsArcade, infinite-runner, LGBT, minigames, My First Game Jam, petrichor, phaser, rain, summer-2018, weather

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I love how simple this is. Like a couple of people have already said, it's a bit easy to score points when most of the time you can let your girlfriend run free with little risk of getting rained on. That could be fixed a couple of ways (probably combining some of these):

  • Make her change direction randomly
  • Ramp up the raindrop frequency with the number of points scored
  • Only count raindrops that are going to hit your girlfriend

The game has a great vibe though. Nice to see something non-violent (not that I'm really against that) with a happy tune and cute graphics.


This game is a jam! Love the hi-bit cute art style of the girlfriends. Also the city! Simple. Effective. Fun.

If I had one gripe it would be that the instructions cleary state you should be trying to protect your girlfriend from the rain, but to get the most points you need to get as many raindrops as possible, likely pushing you towards leaving your girlfriend.

This ludo-narrative dissonance had me questioning the games intentions, which quickly lead me down a path of discovery, reflection, and renewal. What if your girlfriend isn’t the other female sprite on screen.... what if the Earth is your girlfriend. This is clearly the intent of the gameplay, increasing your score is a classic motivating mechanic. It is expressed here as an integer, increasing in a y = mx relationship, where m is the number of raindrops hitting the player’s umbrella, and x is 1.

In this reading, we can recontextualize the earth, the rain, and the other human. Assuming a relationship is a positive and supportive one, the earth as the player’s girlfriend is now the Earth. We can think about our blocking raindrops not as preventing the ground from getting wet, but from our selfish choices as a species from damaging the globe’s ecosystems. By using the umbrella, we are encouraged to use our knowledge to take action to reduce our effects on the planet.

What then do we make of the other human? With a clear environmentalist message built, there doesn’t seem to be a need for another human character on screen. But this is where the author’s really define their work’s thesis.

“We should do this work of protecting the Earth, and taking responsibilities for our actions, even if it does not directly benefit humanity” - the developers seem to say.

This assertive stance on environmentalism is sure to ruffle a few feathers, but wrapped up a crisp, cute artstyle, it’s hard not to enjoy Out in the Rain.

With that in mind, I’m gonna have to give it my Game of the Year.


Aww, so cute! Love both the concept and execution. Gameplay is smooth and polished. Well done!

I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!


The concept is very sweet and the art style is beautiful and so charming! 
Maybe it could be a more tight experience, though, if rather than having an "endless" mode, it was timed levels that got progressively harder or there was a more noticeable change in difficulty during it?

I'm glad you enjoyed playing it so far! It was my first time using the underlying game engine so it's a very basic game so far. I do definitely want to fix a few things up and make it more intriguing gameplay wise, but for something to be made in 2 weeks, I'm pretty happy with it.


This is a really fun concept and I love the look and style. It would be really cool if there were more areas to explore/different characters to unlock.


Simple premise, gameplay is a bit dull. The art and artstyle are absolutely fantastic, though!