My First Game Jam - Devlog 02

Progress |||------------|

Hey all, Jacob here with another devlog! So today I spent most of my time searching for team members. I originally had intended to just try to put this game together on my own but realized there were still tons of talented people looking for a team and they would definitely be able to add their polish and sparkle to this project. I found Shirelark via the Discord channel and he agreed to work on the sound design for the game (pssst his stuff is really cool, you should go check it out I'm still trying to seek out a 2D artist (hopefully it's not too late!) to do the backgrounds as well as the character designs.

Aside from that, I went through the character list and started working on their personalities and how they interact in the story. Since the game is over the course of a week in game time, I'm writing the scripts for each of the days and just need to fill out a couple more. After that, I'll start working on the dialog and implementing all of that into the code. I know it's early in the game jam but I'm already feeling the crunch.

Wish us luck!

-Jacob ;D

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