My First Game Jam - Devlog 03

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Hey all! It's time for another dev update!!!

So today I got contacted by a 2D artist (go check out their awesome art:  that is onboard with the project. Today we got more of the story down as well as character concepts and Xiem (that's their Discord name so I'll use that) drew up some really neat concepts for the characters so the art is well on its way now. 

In the sound department, Shirelark let us listen to one of the concept pieces he is working on for the game and it sounded puuurrrrrfect... (dont mind the pun). 

I think we're well on our way, still a lot of coding and story to do on my part but I think this team is going to be awesome to work with and our styles and concepts really work well together.

Stay tuned for what's to come next!

-Jacob ;3 

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